Assorted videos showing Member activity with more from Pilot McPilot Face!

G-TAMS Landing at EGSL (Andrewsfield) (9/8/15)

G-CBZR Circumnavigates the Isle of Wight (15/08/15)

G-TAMS - EGSL (Andrewsfield) to EGLK (Blackbushe) 9/8/15

G-CBZR Landing at EGPR (Barra) (12/09/15)

G-CBZR Taking off from EGEO (Oban) (12/09/15)

G-CBZR Taking off from EGxx (Newton Upon Rawcliffe) (12/09/15)

G-CBZR Taking off from EGXG (Leeds East) (12/09/15)

YouTube uploads from Pilot McPilotFace!

Professional airline pilot and Blackbushe Flying Club member, Pilot McPilotFace, reports and documents on his recent trips!

Find more on his Youtube channel.

G-CBZR Taking off from EGHA (Compton Abbas) (20/04/16)

G-TAMS EGLK to EGHR (Blackbushe to Goodwood) (25/04/16)

G-CBZR EGLK to EGHP (Blackbushe to Popham) (20/04/16)

G-TAMS EGHR to EGHA (Blackbushe to Compton Abbas) (25/04/16)

G-TAMS EGHA to EGLK (Compton Abbas to Blackbushe) (25/04/16)


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